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I UK [strəʊk] / US [stroʊk] noun
Word forms "stroke":
singular stroke plural strokes
1) a medical condition in which blood is suddenly blocked and cannot reach the brain, or in which a blood vessel in the brain breaks, often causing a loss of the ability to speak or to move particular muscles
have/suffer a stroke:

Leni suffered a stroke last year, and is unable to walk.

2) an unexpected but important event or action
a stroke of luck/good fortune:

Winning the lottery was quite a stroke of luck.

a stroke of genius/inspiration/brilliance:

Using green as a background was a real stroke of genius (= an idea that shows great intelligence).

a bold/master stroke:

These plans are seen as a bold stroke by the local council.

a) a hit made with someone's hand, a stick, or another object

With each stroke of the whip, the horse galloped faster.

b) an instance of hitting the ball in some sports, or the way in which someone hits it

He slammed the ball over the net with a powerful backhand stroke.

4) a style of swimming, or one complete movement of the arms and legs in swimming

With powerful strokes she pulled ahead of the others.

a) a style of rowing, or one complete movement of the oars through the water
b) a single complete movement of a bird's wings during flight
5) one of the series of sounds that some clocks make to mark the hour, or the time marked by this

At the stroke of nine (= at exactly nine o'clock) the band began to play.

6) a single short line or mark made with a pen or brush

a brush stroke

7) a gentle movement of your hand across skin, hair, or fur

She gave the dog's head a stroke.

8) an instance of lightning hitting something

The tree was split by a stroke of lightning.

at a stroke/one stroke — with a single action that changes things completely

They added 230 customers to their list at a stroke.

different strokes (for different folks)informal used for saying that what is good or enjoyable for one person may not be so for someone else

with a/the stroke of a pen — used for emphasizing that something important is done by the simple act of signing a document

With the stroke of a pen, the chairman had signed away the company.

II UK [strəʊk] / US [stroʊk] verb [transitive]
Word forms "stroke":
present tense I/you/we/they stroke he/she/it strokes present participle stroking past tense stroked past participle stroked
1) to gently move your hand over skin, hair, or fur

She stroked his hair as he gradually fell asleep.

2) to hit or kick a ball with a smooth movement
3) informal to say nice things to someone in order to make them feel better or to gain their support

English dictionary. 2014.

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